Services: Management

The property and asset management capabilities of the Kwartler Companies were initially formed to support its in-house investment activities, thereby enabling more control and profits for our investors and the companies. In 1983 the Kwartler Companies decided to extend our existing management expertise and infrastructure, to a select group of third party clients.

Managing assets is not always managing property, but managing property is always managing an asset. Thinking like owners, the underlying philosophy of the Kwartler Companies is to ensure the inter-relationships of various components concerning a particular asset are never lost. Regardless of the asset, the goals of value creation and value enhancement are paramount.

With regard to managing a real estate asset, some of these value concepts include:
- Lease structuring
- Creative financing
- Cash management
- Effective vendor/tenant negotiation
- Market knowledge

The Kwartler Companies are not property managers first, they are asset managers. While these activities are part of a property manager's duties, the Kwartler Companies have the background and talent to combine them to create and enhance value.

The Kwartler Companies have the technical talent and the infrastructure to manage and report on a very sophisticated level. In-house financial reporting and analytical software include Yardi, Skyline, Argus, MRI, Kardin, WinStack, as well as advanced level Microsoft Office applications.

Our longstanding relationships have resulted in many valuable contacts. Whether these contacts are institutional brokers, vendors, members of government, professionals, financial services or others, clients of the Kwartler Companies benefit from our relationships every day.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
in New Jersey & New York

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