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The Kwartler family began investing in real estate in the 1940's, and by the mid 1970's, started investing with their friends, private investors, and institutional clients. Since that time, The Kwartler Companies have been involved in over one billion dollars of real estate and real estate related investment transactions as principals, lenders, brokers, and consultants.

Our investment philosophy concerning real estate and real estate derivative investments is a "brick and mortar" approach. Whether we are investing for our own accounts, partnerships, or consulting on behalf of our institutional clients, we always analyze underlying value. Over the years, we have witnessed many defaults by tenants and borrowers. Therefore, unless the venture is intended to be high risk with commensurate high yields and rewards, our philosophy is to acquire assets at below replacement cost with market or above market yields. Conservation of capital and reasonable safety is the key ingredient in our investment philosophy.

To meet the investment goals of our clients, investors, friends and family, we have adopted the fundamental principal that investors make their money "on the buy". By investing correctly at the outset with intensive due diligence, the likelihood of a profitable venture is dramatically increased. Our attention to detail at the investment and acquisition stage has consistently resulted in the combination of safety and profitability.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
in New Jersey & New York

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